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Take a Trip Down Memory Lane!

Below are memories that people have shared with us about the Venetian. We'd like to hear from you also! Please click here to share your memory. Last update: July 7th, 2009

"Going to the Town Theater every year at Christmas as a kid was so much fun! We would get to watch cartoons & then afterwards we would each get a brown bag filled with peanuts in the shell, hard candies & an orange. One memory I will never forget!" -Mary Thatch

"I remember seeing Pink Floyd The Wall there. It was so
amazing. Also, me and my sci-fi nerd friends saw Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan there. We sat in the balcony, and it was awesome." -John Kinkade

"I remember as a girl of 7-9 walking with my younger brother from our house on Dennis Street to the Saturday matinee at the movie theater. We saw movies like 'I remember Mama', 'Song of Bernadette', of course there were also cartoons and always a serial. After the movie, we would go to the nearby soda fountain and share an ice cream soda (cost was 15 cents. Ah, the age of innocence"
-Joyce Aney

"Star Wars ran for several months at the Town Theater. Wednesday night was $1 movie night. We seventh graders went each Wednesday for at least a month that summer to see it again and again. The phone number was 648-1450. It said 'Thankyou for calling the Town and Hill Theaters' long after the Hill Theater closed. That phone number was the one I learned to dial the telephone with because I didn't have to worry about bothering anyone."
-Roger Peltola

"We have been going to the Veneitan since the summer of 08 and we go there at least 2 times a month. Love the Happy Hour menu, the food, Brett the waiter. We love it and are happy to go there and have a great meal. We took our parents there and they loved it. The Tomato soup is the best! Go and have a great time!!!"

"We lived in West Union from 1948 to 1950. During those years the Venetian Theatre became our major source of entertainment. We lived 7 miles from Hillsboro.To get money to go the movie on Saturday, we would walk along the roadway to find returnable bottles which we would collect in our radio wagon, take home to wash and then take them to the store to get money for the matinee on Saturday. Then we would ride our bikes, or walk, or sometimes we would hitchhike to get to the movie theater to see the latest, exciting western film followed by a new chapter in the serial and finally ending with a cartoon. Such an exciting life we lived as young boys growing up in the 1940s and early 1950s. Lack of money nor distance did not stop us from seeing our favorite cowboy stars!"
-Donald Skidmore

"My folks moved to Hillsboro from Portland in 1960. Mom thought dad had taken her (and my sister and I) to the 'end of the earth' by moving us to 'farm country'. The highlight was the local theater. We didn't go much, but when we did it was a huge event. As was the annual Christmas movie. I am so excited about the opening of the Venetian and look forward to spending time in the lovely revitalized theater and Bistro/Wine Bar. This will be a greatly-needed addition to the downtown area!"
-Julie Nusom

"Oh! Do I remember the Town Theater. I was the manager of the theater in 1979, the year that Star Trek came to town and we had lines that went all the way around the block.  My daughter took dance from Helen Wick Walters and after class she would come to the theater (before it opened) and get on the stage and show me what she had learned that day in class. I have very good memories of the Town Theater and it was sad to see it close. I am glad to see that the building is going to come alive again. Life is funny for once again the theater has touched my life. I work for the glass people and I ordered all of the glass for the theater and our company installed the glass. I can't wait for it to open and I get to walk into it again, I know when I see the stage it will bring back great memories of my little girl dancing just for me."
-Donna Nelson

"I remember being taken there at Christmas time to see a matinee and we would get these tiny paper bags filled with peanuts and candy for the show. I believe the Elks did this? I also remember that my first kiss was in that theater... I am so glad someone is doing this!"
-Julie Miller

"As a young kid in Hillsboro there was not a lot I was able to do with friends unchaperoned -except go downtown. The Hillsboro Theater ran a showing of The Lion King and gave me my first 'double date' at eleven years old, I felt so grown up. Downtown Hillsboro and the Theater holds a big part of my childhood and I'm so excited to see it reborn!"
-Claire Nunez

"I saw my very first movie at the Town Theater, it was ET and I was 2 years old. I also have memories of going every year to see Santa and get my baggie of candy and a free cartoon. I think this is the thing I will miss the most. Ahh, the tiny ticket booth, sticky floors, red curtains and carpet, the black and white checkered floor....I have so many memories of the theater that I can't even come close to listing them all. I look forward to creating new memories at The Venetian!"
-Arica Gordon

"Before the days of multi-plex stadium theaters being erected faster than you could blink, The Town Theater was a cool place for us teenagers to go on group dates, especially on the cheap KUIK-sponsored Wednesday nights.  Seeing a movie for $1.36 was a very cheap date when you are in junior high!  It didn't really matter what movie you were going to see, just as long as you had an excuse to take a date out and have some fun. Ahhh the memories!"
-Rich McPherson

"I too remember going to the movies every Friday night.  If the Town theater was full, we'd go to the Hill Theatre.  In junior High, my friends and I would hang out there.  It was sad to see it close, but what a wonderful tribute Mr Scheller has given to the old theater.  Truly something to be proud of.  We had some friends in last weekend that used to live here and took them there.  They remarked they should move back as Hillsboro is becoming so cultural!"
-Christie (Rich)Theeler

"My favorite memory was seeing 'Winnie The Pooh and Tigger Too' with my Dad. It was the first and last time I saw a movie with him. I remember him buying me popcorn and root beer (something I never got to have!)  and when the movie was over... Dad and I skipped down the sidewalk like Tigger, hand in hand and laughing all the way to the truck."

"I remember when I was in elementry school in Hillsboro we would be given coupons to the Town Theater on the last day before Christmas break. Going to see a movie over break and get my little brown paper bag of goodies was something I looked forward to every year! The new Venetian is beautiful!"
-Lacey Borts

"I have a couple of good memories of the theater.  My best memory was going to see a new adventure film back in 1981 called Raiders of the Lost Ark.  It was a very hot Saturday afternoon so my parents were looking for a good place to go that had air conditioning. They thought the Town Theater was the perfect place as this movie was getting great reviews.  After the movie was over my parents could not get my brother and I to leave the theater because the movie was so good.  So we ended up staying and watching it again.  Talk about a great way to beat the summer heat!  Also the JuJu Fruits that the snack bar sold were great.  Remember when the green ones were spearamint?"
-Dave Johnston

"Yes, the memories of being dropped off at the Town Theatre was a once a year treat for our family.  The bags of candy were a real highlight!  I'll never forget seeing The Ten Commandments and going on a first date to the theatre.  It's truly wonderful to have it remain in our city in such a beautiful way.  We had dinner with friends there tonight, what wonderful flavor the food had and a great place to 'stay in our town and have a wonderful dinner!'  We love it."
-Jan Mattoon

"My grandma who raised me used to run the Town theater. It basically was my second home and where all of us kids grew up. I came in a few weeks ago just to look around Everyone there was so nice, and let me look at whatever I wanted to. It looks so different in there, it's AMAZING! Wow, the memories that I have in that place."

"It was 1970, and our first MOVIE date. We were 17 at the time. We lived in Aloha, and thought that Hillsboro was soooo far away. So we left almost 2 hours before show time. When we arrived the ticket taker asked 'Main or Lodges?' Mark, wanting to impress me said the Lodges. We went in got our popcorn and drink, with two straws,and went inside. At the time I was VERY impressed Mark had spent the extra .50per ticket that I would have followed him anywhere. The movie started, then some popcorn,then some cuddling. Then a man with a flashlight taps Mark on the arm and says 'Excuse me didn't you buy Lodges seats?' At this moment I realized NEITHER one of us knew what that ment. The VERY nice man then lead us up the stairs to some beautiful seats at eye level for the movie. From that date on, main floor was more our speed. I'm thrilled that you have brought the old girl back to life. Thank you so much."
-Carrie Kind

"We lived in Beaverton in the 60's and I remember by mom driving my little sister and I to the theatre on Saturdays and letting us watch movies all by ourselve. I remember vividly that every seat would be taken so we'd have to get there early and stand in line if we were going to be able to sit with our friends. We loved it -but I think my mom loved it even more."
-Caroline Spooner

"My first memory of a movie was 'Rogers Rangers' in the early 50's at the Venetian with my father! I must have been only 3 or 4 yrs old at the time. During the early 60's, we devised a plan on Fri. and Sat. nites to sneak into the Town theater. We would wait until the first movie was letting out and then, like spawning salmon, work our way through the exiting crowd and quickly hide in the balcony til the 'coast was clear.' Mr. Phelps and his partner 'Leonard' were probably on to us from the beginning, but we always thought we were really getting away with it. They figured they'de get what money we had at the snack bar anyway for 'graveyards'(a horrible concoction of all that spews from the soda spigot!)and raisonetts! They always did, and never let on or questioned us about our 'high crimes and misdimeanors.' Gosh what memories!"
-Wayne Davidson

"My fondest memory of the Town Theatre was the opening of the movie Grease. I saw it 6 times and loved it more each time."

"The Christmas program at the Town Theater will always be one of my favorite memories. The theater would show a couple of short Christmas cartoons and then a full length Christmas movie. When the movie was over Santa would arrive on a fire truck and him and the firemen would hand out bags of goodies. There was always a hand full of peanuts in the shells, an orange and some Christmas candy. It was worth enduring any weather condition and any amount of time just to watch Santa drive up on that fire engine."
-Vivian B.

"I have wonderful memories of driving all the way from Cherry Lane (seemed so far away as a kid) to the Town Theatre at Christmas to see Santa with his sleigh on the sidewalk handing out small bags of yummy candy. One time we attended a showing of 'The Bible' (I think that's the right title) and I ran out of the auditorium crying because the floods were killing all the animals. My mom sat out in the lobby with me until the movie was over because I couldn't bear to see the animals die. It was always a fun place to go see a movie with the family. I look forward to all of our new adventures at the Venetian. Thanks for restoring it!!"

"The Hillsboro Town Theater was family run, which was always appreciated because the family was so much fun. I remember my family always got in at the kids prices, even my parents."
-Clark Woodford

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